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US Environmental Protection Agency

"TSCA 101"

December 2003
EPA commissioned the creation of a report, Overview: Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (OPPT), which has become known as "TSCA 101". In addition to providing an overview of EPA's implementation of TSCA, the report also provides information on the other programs under the purview of the OPPT. The report includes a series of 5 appendices with additional information about the office generally and several regulations specifically.
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EPA Authorities Under TSCA

December 2003
EPA also published a report, EPA Authorities Under TSCA, to "outline of the tools OPPT has under TSCA to achieve its mission; the situations under which each of these tools may be employed; and the considerations that affect OPPT's determination of which tool is best suited for a given situation. Four questions are answered within the body of each of the tools discussions: 1) How does it work? 2) Who is involved? 3) What does it take? 4) When is it used?"
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