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California EPA Green Chemistry Report

December 2008

The California Environmental Protection Agency released the Green Chemistry Initiative Final Report of Recommendations "developed through the California Green Chemistry Initiative constitute a far reaching,
market-driven strategy with an ambitious aim-the launch of a new chemicals framework and a quantum shift in environmental protection. These landmark policy options will continue California's environmental leadership and foster a new era in the design of a new consumer products economy - inventing, manufacturing and using toxic-free, sustainable products."
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Maine’s Task Force to Promote Safer Chemicals in Consumer Products

December 2007
The Governor’s Task Force to Promote Safer Chemicals in Consumer Products was created by Executive Order
12 FY 06/07 dated February 22, 2006. The Task Force was established to identify and promote the use and development of safer alternatives to hazardous chemicals in consumer goods and services made, provided or sold in Maine so as to benefit public health, the environment and the economy for all Maine people.
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Advancing Green Chemistry: An Action Plan for Michigan Green Chemistry Research, Development, and Education

September 2008
In October 2006, Governor Jennifer M. Granholm issued Executive Directive No. 2006-6 (Directive), "Promotion of Green Chemistry for Sustainable Economic Development and Protection of Public Health." The Directive establishes state policy encouraging the use of safer, less toxic, or non-toxic chemical alternatives to hazardous substances and the research, development, and implementation of Green Chemistry in Michigan, which is the design of chemical products and processes that reduces or eliminates the use and generation of hazardous substances. To develop a framework for implementing the Directive, the DEQ working with the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production (LCSP), created an action plan to advance Green Chemistry in Michigan.
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Children’s Safe Product Act Report

July 2009
This report describes work done by the Washington State Departments of Ecology and Health to comply with the requirements of the state Children’s Safe Products Act (CSPA), address concerns raised by stakeholders, and to implement direction from the Governor.
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